The Process

Our vision process has been based on the feedback of our members and the broader community, as well as stakeholders and an expert panel.

First and foremost, we wanted to understand what is most important to Launceston locals as we work to achieve positive, long-term mobility outcomes.

Therefore, a key part of this project was surveying the community about travel patterns, where we found that 96% of participants used a private vehicle to travel to and from the city. We also met with a number of stakeholders to understand some of the broader issues facing the region.

From there, we called on the community and stakeholders to share their thoughts on the councils’ Transport Vision and Work Plan, as well as potential solutions to issues facing Greater Launceston.

The response was great, with the community providing us with 60 submissions that outlined a range of ideas and projects.

We refined these submissions with external research alongside a workshop session with an independent panel of experts, which helped us develop our vision.