Greater Hobart Mobility Vision

Expert Panel

As we develop our long-term mobility vision for Greater Launceston, we will work closely with a group of independent experts that specialise in a range of areas.

Our panel will help us analyse the ideas, strategies and opportunities you put forward to ultimately develop our final Vision.

We look forward to working with them to put forward solutions that address infrastructure, future mobility and emerging technologies, urban planning, active and public transport as well as social and economic issues.

The members of our panel are as follows:


Kym Goodes

Principal of 3P Advisory

Kym Goodes is recognised as one of the foremost public voices in Tasmania. She has two decades of experience working in government and the not for profit sector in social and economic public policy fields as diverse as education, employment, transport, energy, digital inclusion, health, housing and human services.

Kym is the former Chief Executive Officer of TasCOSS, where she challenged and changed the systems, behaviours and attitudes that lead to inequality. She is now the Principal of 3P Advisory.

Kym has worked across both the public and private sectors as a sought-after adviser specialising in public engagement, regional development, social licence and evidence informed policy and program responses.


Steven Burgess

Director of Complete Streets

Steven Burgess is a change agent for cities. He brings 30-plus years’ experience as a transport engineer and urban strategist to reform the balance between car space and people space in towns and cities all over the world.

Steven is the author of Complete Streets - Guidelines to Urban Street Design published in 2010 and was a contributor to two other international street making publications.

He is an international keynote speaker on people places and of course parking, having spoken at events all around Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, Europe and the UAE


Jason Byrne

Professor of Human Geography and Planning
University of Tasmania

Dr Jason Byrne researches urban political ecologies of green-space infrastructure, cities and urban landscapes, urban and environmental planning, park and recreational planning, climate change adaptation, environmental health and justice as well as healthy cities.

Jason has been an advocate for Smart Roads systems, a multi-mode public transport system to provide an integrated ticketing system, removing car parks in favour of pedestrian malls, moving workplaces out of the CBD, and building housing near transport services.


Adrian Bitzios

Principal Traffic Engineer and Transport Planner
Bitzios Consulting

Adrian has more than 20 years’ experience in transport planning and traffic engineering. His skills include project management, traffic management, transport planning, intelligent transport systems planning and network performance evaluation. He is a highly experienced project manager of a number of traffic and transport projects.

Adrian’s skills include: light rail signalling, traffic management centre operations, project management, town centre planning, ITS planning, design and operations, traffic signal design and coordination, highway planning, traffic impact assessments, road safety audits and network performance evaluation.